Tabletop and Role-Playing Games

The following are my (mostly work-in-progress) tabletop games. Right now, most of these are placeholders for collections of notes and drafts, but I'll be adding links and expanding the available information over time!


Adrift is a Forged in the Dark game inspired by the television show Lost, focusing on a group of survivors abandoned in a wild and mysterious place where things aren't quite what they seem. It asks you to balance the day-to-day needs of survivors, finding shelter and food and building a sustainable life in an inhospitable place, with investigating the strange and unexplainable events which are inextricably tied to the haunting wilderness.

A Terrible Fate

A Terrible Fate is a game about stopping the end of the world when you don't have enough time to do so. Travel a haunted and broken world teetering on the brink of oblivion, meeting its inhabitants and uncovering its secrets... and then do it again, each time keeping with you only know your knowledge and a collection of magical trinkets. A Terrible Fate is inspired by the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as well as classic folktales.

The Wardens of Sirius

The Wardens of Sirius is a tabletop game about the Wardens, a group of peacekeepers wandering the stars in order to help the peoples who live there. The game is built around a flexible conflict resolution mechanism derived from Dogs in the Vineyard which can handle tense treaty negotiations, sprawling starship battles, methodical detective work, and many more kinds of conflict with the same fundamental rules. The Wardens of Sirius attempts to walk the line between the cerebral conflicts of classic science fiction and the wild adventurousness of space opera.


Phyrus, or, Vines in the Dark is a hack of Blades in the Dark built around an alternate setting with only a light reskinning of the core mechanics. It takes place in the sunny hanging city of Phyrus, a vertical metropolis filled with living houses and biological automata all created by the magical manipulation of plants. In addition to new player and crew playbooks and a new setting, Phyrus includes a guide to taking existing Blades in the Dark playbooks and crews and reworking them to fit its colorful magi-punk setting.

All The Way Down

All The Way Down is a lightweight tactical dungeon-crawling game, intended to be a pick-up-and-play game with more flexibility and depth than a board game but with much faster setup than a traditional tabletop game. A game of All The Way Down could be prepared for a quick lunch jaunt, with characters creation lasting just a minute or two. It does this with a set of print-and-play cards and simple mechanics with few moving parts, but with enough interaction and tactical depth to make those dungeon delves fun and memorable. The core mechanics of All The Way Down are inspired by Hero Kids with an extra sprinkling of tactical depth.

Get Equipped

Get Equipped is a comedic one-shot party game about the robotic creations of Dr. Sound, who must save the world from the nefarious Dr. Devious and his army of evil robots... despite being objectively unequipped to do. Play as a robot originally designed for gardening, accountancy, construction, or some other everyday task, adapting as best you can to the heroic calling that you've unwittingly stumbled into. Get Equipped is a hack of Runaway Hirelings with elements inspired by the classic Megaman games.


Logomancy is a one-shot party game about magicians-in-training whose magical acumen consists of a small set of spells and the ability to modify them linguistically, which they must use to tackle a laundry list of problems before their schoolmaster returns. The core conceit of Logomancy is inspired by the actual play podcast The Adventure Zone.