I'm Getty and I start a lot of stuff and finish very little of it. Here's some of that stuff. If you want to contact me, send me email at gdritter at infinitenegativeutility dot com. You can also find me on Twitter at @aisamanra and Mastodon as aysamanra@sometimes.when.computer.


In addition to doing professional, mostly language-and-tooling-related work—currently on the ruby-infra team at Stripe—I also have some tools and libraries I maintain.

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lament configuration

Lament Configuration is a self-hosted bookmarking service, inspired by Pinboard but tailored to the way I want to track links. My own running instance can be found at remember.when.computer.


Apicius is a work-in-progress language for expressing recipes in a graph-centric way.


config-ini is a Haskell library designed for declaratively parsing, serializing, and updating INI files.


s-cargot is a Haskell library for generically serializing and deserializing s-expressions, designed for flexibility over speed.


I like doing art in various media: in physical media, I like sketching, watercolors, block printing and other printmaking techniques, and sporadically modeling with clay, while in digital media, I do sketching, pixel art, vector graphics work, and a bit of 3D modeling. I've got a separate Twitter account I use for occasionally posting art, which can be found at @uzhdanra.

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the fire at the shoemakers estate

An older and out-of-date blog which features much of my older artwork.


I have some projects which are information- or graphic-design related, and others that are about designing physical objects for my own use. As of right now, much of my physical design work is done with the help of a laser-cutter.

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cocktail.graphics is an information design project aimed at doing visual graph-style recipes for cocktails.

various laser projects

Since acquiring a laser-cutter, I've been using a combination of computer-aided design and procedural design to create physical objects.


I write a lot of non-fiction blog posts, and I also write some fiction, relatively little of which I've made available publicly (yet!)

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A set of surrealist short stories written over the course of a decade.

what happens when computer

A blog focused on providing light but informative explanations of various interesting topics, ranging from language to music to computers.

journal: infinite negative utility

A blog focused on providing deep dives into particular programming topics, mostly but not entirely focused on programming languages and their design.

journal: librarian of alexandria

A blog devoted to anything else I haven't described above, especially tabletop-game-related topics but also any other project I find worth talking about.


I do some tabletop game design, and aspirationally would like to do more video game writing. To date I've published relatively few finished game projects, but I'd like to change that going forward.

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A tiny party game of magic and wordplay, inspired by The Adventure Zone.